The snow and ice can cause leaking on your roof in the winter and not because of installation problems or for any reason linked to the roof install. This is due to ice damming. Ice dams have very little to do with your roof. Ice dams form because of insufficient insulation or lack of venting. Sometimes it is because we need to seal all of the entry points into the attic from our homes.

The design of the roof is to shed water for your protection and not stop ice from forming. The main spots that water can enter from your roof are the valleys, which a good roofer will install ice and water shield to protect you. Ice and water shield along the over hangs or edges of the roofs will also help protect the interior if ice settles along the gutter edges.

Ice dams form from snow that melts and then refreezes, known as a freeze/thaw cycle, the culprit is usually a warm roof. When the air inside your attic is warm, the warmth can transfer through the roof and begin to melt the layer of snow, which in turn causes droplets to run down the roof. When this moisture hits the edge of the roof, they freeze easily because the part of the roof above the overhang (eaves) doesn’t receive warm air from the attic. Thus, the temperature differential causing the ice. This happens over and over as snow melts creating a literal dam, a barrier to not allow water to escape the roof.

Research further and you will find ways to deal with active ice dams. Techniques from hot water, raking, calcium, etc.

Our research shows that prevention is the best option.

  • Insulating your attic
  • Ventilating your attic
  • Sealing cracks and holes from your home; sewer pipe vents, ceiling lights

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