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Accidents and natural disasters happen to us all. There’s no controlling the weather, but we can help you through the insurance maze! At CJS Roofing, we take pride in how we assist our customers with their insurance claims. Its what separates us from the competition.

At CJS Roofing, we utilize our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and our ability to execute to help make sure you are receiving the best services from us and your adjuster. We line up our measurements and costs to minimize your out of pocket expenses.

We have the experience neccesary to help you deal with adjusters, which can be critical in the outcome of your claim and out of pocket expense. We know how to help make the process go as smoothly as possible,  and we make sure your insurance company pays for everything that it says it will in the policy.

We are aware that filing a claim for storm or accident damage, is a rare event for most home owners. That’s why we’re here to help you with deductibles and filing the actual claim. We help you get the documentation right, and can assist you with all the steps of filing your claim. In short, we put our extensive insurance expertise to work for you.

The first step is to call your insurance company to file a claim. Make sure you tell them you have wind and hail damage, not just hail damage. They’ll take all your info and the adjuster will usually take over from there, contacting you within a few days. When the adjuster comes to evaluate your property, they will likely notice other damage on your property, such as air conditioner fins being bent, gutters, and damaged paint/siding to your house. They’ll walk on the roof for a close inspection, looking for signs of hail damage.

We always recommend having us there to speak with the adjuster. As we describe below, the process can be tricky to identify what qualifies as hail damage. Adjusters mostly prefer that you NOT have a roofer present, after all, who wants someone double checking their work or slowing them down with questions or challenging their findings. However, we are quite familiar with the claims process, having spent over 7 years working as an insurance adjuster. Therefore, we work patiently and courteously with the adjuster to make sure you get the assessment you deserve. In the end, it’s your house and your choice to have a roofer present during the adjuster’s inspection.

Our insurance professionals will walk you through every step of the process of filing a claim and maintain an open and transparent dialogue. We work closely with you from auditing the claim to closing out the claim, making sure you receive all money coming to you.

In order to ensure the element of transparency is maintained, we send out General Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance certificates for verification and proof with every bid. If you have any questions throughout the entire process, we are more than happy to clarify each detail.

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