It was a scary situation for your family and neighbors. You listened to the weather reports and took the necessary precautions for the safety of your family. Living in the greater St. Louis area means you are no stranger to spring storms.

Thankfully, the storm subsided. Now it is time to survey the damage. You heard the wind wailing and the knocks and ping sounds of what you thought was probably large hail. When you stepped outside, you realized it was as bad as you thought. Now what? In some cases, you aren’t even sure what does constitute an insurance claim.

Who do you call?

The first thing you should do after surveying the damage is call a trusted, local roofing company. Then, you may decide to check the local papers for roofing contractors, or perhaps even an online referral site. You might also check with neighbors or your insurance agent. You ask yourself:

“How do I find the best possible solution for my roofing problems?”

“Which roofing contractor is the right one for me?”

These are both valid questions. Especially since once a severe storm with wind and hail hits an area of our country, “storm chasers” will quickly follow. No doubt you have read many reports of these storm chasers swarming an area of St. Louis. In numerous subdivisions you see yard signs advertising the services of out-of-state roofing contractors.

What are storm chasers?

In the roofing industry, a storm chaser is a company that travels from storm to storm, taking advantage of homeowners with new damage to their roofs. They are usually considered to be “fly by night” contractors because they come in fast, try to sign as many contracts as they can. Their aim is to sign contracts and make fast money. They usually start knocking on doors to quickly get to you before you can do your research.

As a homeowner, your first contact with a storm chaser is the salesman. Usually they are trained to use high pressure sales and smooth talk, making many promises, often being very unscrupulous in their antics and are of questionable integrity. They even know how to set up on the internet showing that they have years in the local market.

Angies List Super Service Award-2017

St. Louis – Angies List Super Service Award-2017

One trick that they have designed to use on homeowners is to get you to sign a “contingency contract” giving them the contract to roof your home once the insurance adjuster looks at the damage. By signing this contingency contract, you are legally bound to let an out-of-state company, from who knows where, and crews of workers that could be untrained and unsavory to perform the work on your home. They leave the homeowner to deal with the insurance company on their own; leaving town after said storms and this leaves you without service for your warranty. Many times your roof didn’t have the damage that they claimed and now you have your insurance company involved. If yours isn’t a legitimate storm claim and your roof is old; you now have alerted your insurance company that your roof is in repair and often times get a time frame to replace at your own expense or they drop your roof coverage.

Why Buy Local? How do you know who is really local?

Your home is no doubt your most valued investment. After all, it is where your loved ones live and thrive. Family comes first, and you want the repairs to your home to be as quick and as un-invasive as possible. That is why CJS Roofing recommends shopping local and making sure your roofing project is completed not only in a timely manner, but by experienced workers and with the utmost integrity. At CJS Roofing, we believe in transparency. We will help you deal with your insurance company and, when necessary, meet with your insurance adjuster to look over the damage. We are on your side, and we make ourselves available. As a homeowner, you will know exactly what your roofing project will entail and who will be working on your home. At CJS Roofing, our motto is:

  • Honesty
  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Trust

When considering who to hire for storm damage to your roof, there are benefits to hiring a local roofing company. Since we are local, we are easy to find and readily available to our customers. You know exactly how to contact us. We are part of our local Chamber of Commerce and have a record opened with the BBB always holding our A+ rating. You can be confident that your roof will be finished in a timely manner and completed the right way. We require no up front fees and do not ask for payment until the roof is installed. CJS Roofing is a family run, third generation roofing company, serving St. Louis and surrounding areas. We believe if you shop local, then you get it done right! Call us today! We offer free estimates, quality workmanship, fast service, a name you can trust.