COVID-19 Information

The Coronavirus is hitting us hard. Every person must be cautious. At CJS Roofing, servicing Fenton and the St. Louis areas; we are moving forward with installations since that work is outside of homes. We realized that this makes for a noisy environment while many people today are working from home, but we have eased the minds of many by reducing their stress and keeping them dry. We have elected not to take on any repairs that can’t be detected from the roof (exterior) and that would require us to look inside homes. We are trying to keep you safe and company employees as well. We find that pictures are really giving us the assistance we need to accomplish these goals. As of now all of our employees are healthy, we are splitting our crew to stay below the minimum as well as cancelling all calls requiring contact with homeowners. We hope that you can understand this and will in the long run respect our decision. STAY SAFE!